Need a break? …To disconnect? Arriving in St Bonnet le Château, you’ll notice the silhouette of the Collegiate church, which dominates this “Petite Cité de Caractère” (small town with character), located at 800m in altitude, to the south of the Monts du Forez! It invites you to stop to discover its history, its traditions, its historic quarter and the treasures of the Collegiate church…


Take a step back through time in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château, a village with character! Get lost in the medieval streets and take a break in the gardens, before climbing up to the Collegiate church – the viewpoint is worth it ;-).

Once inside the Collegiate church, a trap door will allow you to discover Saint-Bonnet-le-Château’s famous mummies  and, just behind, don’t miss the frescoes in the lower chapel with their dazzling colours! You won’t forget these exceptional curiosities!

Before leaving, make a compulsory stop at the Carré Pétanque area, the birthplace of the famous OBUT ball! After the discovery tour, enjoy a tasty snack in the restaurant and challenge your friends or family to a game of pétanque. Watch out for Fanny!* (*If you lose at boules, the traditional humiliation is to kiss the bottom of Fanny, the “patron saint” of boules.)



A visit to the OBUT shop is a must to equip yourself for summer petanque games with family and friends! And why not try out your brand-new set on one of the pitches of the Carré Pétanque? Or if you prefer, you can play at the water’s edge in Villeneuve, for a relaxing afternoon.

Several kilometres from Saint-Bonnet-le-Château, you can extend this moment of relaxation, where La Grange aux Abeilles will welcome you to a space for well-being. On the programme: spa, sauna, steam room… Ah, this Forez life is so hard!



Each person will find THE hike for them: children can slip into the shoes of an investigator to solve the riddles of the “rando-jeux”, others can follow the Circuit of the Crosses, from hamlet to hamlet, and the bravest can set off on the “Aventure du Rail” in the direction of the Forez plain or Usson-en-Forez.

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