A little village nestled in the Monts du Forez, Marols has much character and several attractions! Come here to discover its fortified village, to see the artists who work in workshops scattered around the village, to taste delicious biscuits at the Pause Marolaise, to enjoy the delicious cuisine at the Auberge de Marols… or to hike to one of the highest villages in the department offering a breathtaking panorama and located just a few steps away: Montarcher!


From the garden at the entrance to the village, stroll along the medieval streets that surround the fortified church of Marols and push open the door of the artists’ studios. Bénédicte is probably the first artist you will meet, then François, Jérôme, Chantal, Anne-Marie, David, Suzan, Aurel and many others… All of them will share with you their passion for their art and their sensitivity.

Passing through La Cître, you will reach Montarcher, a village perched at an altitude of more than 1,000 metres, which will in turn reveal a few pages of its history as you walk along the old covered way to the site of the old keep.


As you will have realised, all your senses will be awakened in Marols! Let’s begin with smell. Just follow the wonderful smell of shortbread biscuits, which will inevitably lead you to la Pause Marolaise for mouth-watering treats.

Not far from there, continue your gourmet trail at the gastro-bistro restaurant at the Domaine and Château de Valinches. The cuisine here is gourmet and authentic with constantly changing dishes.

Another address that will delight you is in Montarcher, where the Michelin guide salutes the creative and refined cuisine of Julien Magne, having awarded a Bib Gourmand to the restaurant Le Clos Perché.


In Marols, allow your artistic sensibility loose on the land art trail that runs around the village. Don’t leave without taking a detour to the Madonna viewpoint, then go to Montarcher by taking an iconic part of the Camino de Santiago, via the no less famous “Pas du Bon Dieu”.

At Montarcher, a 360° panorama awaits you, from Pierre-sur-Haute, summit of the Forez mountains, to the Cévennes, across the Pilat mountains… and the Alps, which can be seen in good weather. You can explore this “village with character” as a family, thanks to the Baludik treasure hunt.

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