We love these peaceful little villages, full of charm. Champdieu is one of these secret, intimate detours that you’ll love to stroll around. As you walk along the cobbled streets, the Middle Ages speak through the ramparts, fortified gates, parapets and fortified church. There’s no castle, but a sublime Romanesque church with the strange appearance of a fortress. You will be familiar with Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, and the walls of Champdieu Priory have their own interpretation of it.


Do you remember your history lessons with Romanesque art and its round arches? The priory of Champdieu and the Romanesque art interpretation centre offer you a reminder. And as for the great era of Louis XIV, the Château de Vaugirard is the place to go. Hidden behind large, century-old trees, this 17th century manorial residence has some surprising paintings of the Sun King.


You can’t miss the vineyard landscapes punctuated by small lodges. As you go deeper into the area, you’ll arrive at Gilles Bonnefoy’s cellar, where vines grow in volcanic soil. You can take advantage of this with your family or friends to solve the riddles of the mystery game in the vineyard.


The most courageous will venture up the hill to reach the Madonna at the top. The effort is worth it because at the foot of this great lady, the view is stunning. If you prefer to stay on the flat, take a walk along the signposted paths between vineyards and ponds and perhaps you will come across a few herons along the way…

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